videos don’t lie about abuse, but people do


The video is clear, and the care workers’ words are unmistakable: “I love how you throw him,” one says to the other. “I used to throw people like that.”

She’s talking about the way her colleague has tossed 89-year-old Hussein Younes into a bed at Autumnwood of Livonia, a Michigan nursing home. The abuse was captured on a hidden camera Younes’ family put in their father’s room after months of issues and no action to resolve them by the nursing home.

Salim Younes had noticed bruises and cuts to his father’s head and legs, for example, as well as significant weight loss; his complaints fell on deaf ears.

“They blamed his injuries on him falling 11 times over a five-month period,” said Jonathan Marko, Younes’ attorney, adding evidence suggested it was “not an isolated incident.” Autumnwood unsuccessfully sought to prevent the video footage from being released, Marko also said.

US News rates the quality of care at Autumnwood as “poor.” The facility’s lawyers on the other hand, claimed the manner in which the workers treated Younes was atypical. “The actions depicted in the video are in no way illustrative of the quality care that is provided by the caring staff at Autumnwood on a daily basis,” they said.

Here’s the truth:

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  1. The tears are falling for this man and for all the men and women in nursing homes that are treated this way on a daily basis. I have seen it throughout my 7 years in two of them and I have experienced it many times. It is shameful!

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