don’t hide behind safety


Scottish social care trainer Derek O’Hagan saw the value in the videos documenting Mom’s experience with “hidden” physical restraints and is now using them to give care home staff a different perspective on fall risks and using restraints. He says the outcome has been “very positive.”

“I believe we hide behind the word safety, I don’t always blame staff but more so the situation, support for older people is extremely underfunded and my opinion undervalued. The video of your mum is not even subtle, it is full on restraint that will be dressed up as ‘safety’ or ‘falls risk’. What we don’t do is talk about how we could make it safe; we just say it is not safe and accept it. Care for the elderly needs to change, here in Scotland I have written to our government asking how this can be done, and when I deliver training in care homes this is an area I focus on. I personally think large care homes should be closed and smaller more person-centred homes opened, even though it may be slightly less cost-effective.”

Spot on Derek!

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