greg steven elofson says: perspective is important


When I posted “the shocking truth behind this tragic video” on LinkedIn, the first comment it generated reframed the whole situation in less than five full lines, and in a way that made infinite sense to me. I think it will make huge sense to you too.

“Perspective is so important. A more accurate story lead-in would be: “These two people have been locked up against their consent for prolonged periods of time, rarely seeing the light of day, likely left with unmet needs for privacy, palatable food, and ordinary companionship. Predictably, they have done what we see prison inmates do with regularity–fight. Except these unfortunate people have committed no crimes.”

You said it Greg!
And I would add: They’re jailed because they live with dementia, a condition we stigmatize and haven’t yet (for the most part) learned to treat humanely.

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