the beautiful tennessee waltz


I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. But Mom had a lovely voice, and she knew hundreds of songs, a few of which I learned during our last five years together. I had never heard The Tennessee Waltz before Eric played it in one our healing music sessions, which I started with Mom in November 2013; The Tennessee Waltz quickly became one of my favourites. The 1950 Patti Page mega hit has been covered by some of the world’s most renowned female singers including Connie Francis, Emmylou Harris, Anne Murray, and Bonnie Rait and Norah Jones (see below).

Here’s Mom singing it with Eric and I on January 25, 2014:

Connie Francis (1959):

Patsy Cline (year unknown):

Emmylou Harris (1981):

Anne Murray (year unknown):

Bonnie Rait and Norah Jones (2007):

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