baby buddy: you get peed on, you get puked on, who wouldn’t want to do it?


Mom ADORED babies. This would have been the perfect “activity” to help her feel joyful, give meaning to her life and help others at the same time while she lived in the early and mid “stages” of Alzheimer disease.

When I watched the video, it reminded me of this one in which 10-day-old wyatt met his great-grandmother for the first time for the first time (precious!).

Like combining childcare and eldercare, I think this is wonderful win/win idea that could really work and help give PLWD a sense of meaning and purpose if those things might be missing from their lives.

Your thoughts?

Furthermore, this is the way (with love, compassion, tenderness and humanity) we should treat elders living with dementia in long term care instead of like this.

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