everyone i know and love is “doomed,” including me


Enough is enough already.

Here’s the thing: you may or may not be able to avoid getting Alzheimer disease or some other form of dementia by living as well and as healthy as you can. Yes, do all the good stuff: eat right, exercise, love, laugh, engage life, worry a little (but not too much), take risks (but not too many), tell jokes, surround yourself with people and objects and environments that bring you pleasure, cry, embrace the universe and everything that’s out there.

If you do all that, maybe you won’t get some form of dementia, or cancer, or ALS, or heart disease or whatever. Maybe you’ll die in a car crash. Or an avalanche. Or by snake bite. You can check the probable causes here.

But one thing is sure, something is gonna get you and me and everyone else in the end. The way things are going, maybe we’ll blow the whole planet and every living on it to smithereens. Who knows?

So. Every now and again go bwahahahahahahaha, and forget what the researchers say.


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