what a difference an E makes by c. stuart-cole


C. Stuart-Cole, whoever she or he is, is clearly brilliant. She or he has captured in this insightful and provocative drawing that is at once simple and complex, as well as heart breaking and motivating, the essence of how the work of millions (and it is literally millions) of care partners is devalued and under-appreciated. I know it will resonate with care partners worldwide and so I’m sharing it so each and every one will know that C. Stuart-Cole gets it. And I get it. And the care partner community everywhere gets it to.

Carers: you may be one E short, but what you do matters more than you will ever know. Thank you.

My plea below was answered, and somehow Caron Stuart-Cole found me on January 1, 2018. An auspicious beginning to the new year. Her Facebook page is here.

I tried to track down C. Stuart-Cole after I stumbled across her/his work somewhere online, but so far without success. Do you know her/him? Do you know someone who knows someone who does? I would love to find this talented artist and thank her/him for this awesome piece of understanding, and get her/his official permission to keep it on my blog. Can you help me find C. Stuart-Cole?

I didn’t find her, she found me! She’s here.

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  1. Ernema Boettner on


    Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope you find this person. Let me know so I can tell others about this wonderful artist. How have you been? THank you for keeping us posted.

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