going skreely christmas outtakes 2014


Mom, Eric and I recorded these festive wishes in December 2014. Mom isn’t physically with us in this place anymore (she left August 17, 2016), but she’s with us in spirit. I feel her holding my hand. Her courage, determination and unrelenting desire to prevail against all odds continue to inspire me.

We sang lots of carols (including Gloria!) and some non-Christmas songs as well. Shortly after we made the video below, Mom told me how much she valued the music sessions we did together, and how much she appreciated me being her care partner. It was truly a magical day.

I know she would join me in wishing you all things good. May your days be skreely and bright and may all your Christmases be white, or green or rainbow or whatever colour your little heart desires.

Oh, and #FightTheGoodFight 🙂

going skreely christmas outtakes 2014

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