can you spell christmas?


Mom could.

Mom could spell “Christmas” even in the “later stage” of Alzheimer disease. She could spell and sing and experience joy and happiness as well as any of the rest of us. I know because Mom and I spent countless hours singing, chatting, spelling and just being together.

The video below is from the Christmas season 2015 (published one year later in December 2016, four months after Mom’s death). I didn’t know when I recorded that day and during the rest of the season that it would be our last Christmas together.

Whenever I watch and listen to the video and audio recordings I have, I am still amazed at how much my mom could still do, even within months of her death. And I’m still angry at the way she was neglected and abused (in a place that was meant to be a “nursing home”), by people who had presented themselves as “care professionals,” but who were anything but.

chocolate truffles and jingle bells: Christmas 2015

going skreely christmas outtakes 2014

strange and special christmas gifts: 2013

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