tiny bubbles and Wendy’s mom


tiny bubbles

March 9, 2016: Wendy Adams’ mom Irene, who is in the early stages of dementia, was having some balance problems.

Wendy and her mom’s physiotherapist Jacob, who made twice weekly visits to the elder Adams’ home for several months, came up with a novel idea to help address the issue: bubbles!

Jacob blows the bubbles and Irene pops them, thus killing a whole bunch of birds with one stone: balance practice, arm exercise, hand-eye coordination, engagement, laughter and FUN!

“It’s been awesome watching the change in Mom with Jacob around,” Wendy wrote me in a Facebook message. “She told him yesterday that he should consider a career in home healthcare! Mom enjoys bursting Jacob’s bubbles and she loves Jacob to death. What a blessing it’s been to have him.”

The number of activities that can be enjoyed with people who live with dementia is virtually limitless. Coming up with ideas just takes a little imagination and an open mind.

Watch Irene and Jacob for inspiration, and then get started with the 101 activities here:

Thanks to Wendy, Irene and Jacob for reminding of the joy of blowing bubbles <3

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