one of the most beautiful love stories ever


A love story with Alzheimer's

The feelings evoked by the video below are why I made time every day for four years to visit my mom in #DementiaJail.

I didn’t do it because it was a chore or a job. Not because it was “work.” Not because I felt obligated, or because I felt there was a debt I needed to repay or because I should do so for whatever other unimportant reason.

No. None of the above.

I create time for joyful acts of shared loved, compassion, and humanity because I wanted to. The time I spent with my mom was full, tender, profound and healing for both of us. Those moments, minutes and hours were also meaningful for those who were around us and part of our circle.

Times like the ones we had together weave the fabric of the most beautiful love stories ever. Just like the one you are about to watch in the video. They are the very essence of life and I am so grateful I was able to breathe them in.

Work your loom.

A Love Story: Living with Alzheimer’s On this Valentine’s Day, Susanne Brunner shares a story that shows the power of love.Alzheimer’s may damage the mind, but it can’t impact the heart.

Posted by KARK 4 News on Thursday, February 11, 2016

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