albina takes internet by storm with joy



Albina sees herself on TV


Joyful Albina Foisy is an overnight Internet sensation.

Her son Armand took a video of her playing in the snow. It went viral. I quoted her and shared that video here.

Then Armand took another video of Albina watching herself on TV.

It also went viral.

Here’s why:



As Armand was sharing Albina’s magic, I was unpublishing hundreds of similar videos and stories that likewise had brought joy and happiness to people worldwide.

What a shame. What a pity.

We need more joy and happiness in the world, not less.

Thanks Armand and Albina for this wonderful gift.


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  1. Thank you Susan for the joy that you share with us via this site… so many wonderful moments that we would otherwise not be blessed with. Much love to you xxxx

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