some things and some people cannot be denied even when they’re dead




580808 Dad & Tude treated


I’m writing these words to acknowledge this date and it’s strange to me that it should have been so much easier to mark my father’s death than his birth.

Still, his role in my story is undeniable and so I cannot deny him.


in a quandary

a poem by punkie

to mark her father’s birthday


who we/a/re you

tall dark stranger

who came and thus

engendered me?


i played hide

and seek behind the

uncertain safety

of my mother’s skirts


but it didn’t stop you

from tearing apart in time

what had been promised in

sickness and in health


i struggled to climb out

of vortexes that

still suck me in

and make tornadoes


look like children’s

tops spinning in the sun

on a summer afternoon

but they are not


and you never said

i’m sorry for the letters

or love unanswered so now

it’s hard for me


to heal and mark this

birth day i would rather

leave behind except without

it i would not be


in  a quandary.


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