behind the lines of nursery rhymes


we all fall down

we all fall down

a poem

by punkie


once i prayed
for you to die,
but god demurred
now here we lie

eyes wide shut
and tipped to nap
our blood gets sucked
until we’re sapped

senseless clocks
cuff heart and mind
with rules designed
to break and blind

yes sir, no ma’am
they push, then pull
black sheep pay
with three bags full

the wolf knock knocks
and granny moans
he eats her up
spits out her bones

wicked witches
two fly north
disguise themselves
and sally forth

sleeping beauty’s
prince approaches
the kiss of death
hides in his coaches

who will free our
stolen voices?
chains and boxes
leave few choices

so silent poets
flay this mime
behind the lines
of nursery rhymes


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