maybe they want to see something beautiful



October 19, 2014: Mom and I took a stroll on Sunday. She walked well and was in fine fettle. We came across a mirror mirror on the wall as we had in September 2013 when we created this award-winning video at my house. Mom tap tap tapped on the glass and said: “Who’s that?”

“It’s you and me Mom,” I said.

“Oh yeah.” She pretended to remember.

“Let’s take some photos,” I suggested.

“OK.” Mom is pretty positive and up for most things most of the time. I un-pocketed my iPhone, and we clowned around for a few minutes. “Smile!” I laughed as I shot.

“Maybe they want to see something beautiful,” Mom said.

“They are seeing something beautiful,” I said. “They’re seeing you!”


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#3 and #8 are my favourites. How about you?

Note: Mom died on August 17, 2016. I wrote about that here. I miss her and hope she is enjoying her new life.

we saw love. what do you see?

we all go through rough patches. here’s one thing that can help us get to the other side.

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  1. I like #1 also! The fact that you can see your mom’s glasses, looking into the mirror! You look like you’re having a blast! I love your loving connection! <3

    My G-ma asks who that person in the bathroom is? 😉 It's best to not go through all of that with her…she gets so confused. But, I always greet her with, "Your hair looks so nice G-ma!" And…it does!

    Have a great day! Thanks for all your wonderful posts on FB!


    • Yes Amy you are so right – compliments work wonders. They’re a pleasure to give and to receive 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind words and your positive energy on the FB page and here on the blog.

    • Wow. That is SO interesting. I don’t know if you experienced this, but I see a lot of symbolism in actions, words and interactions associated with this whole process. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of Mom over the last several years, which in itself is noteworthy because prior to that I had taken only few in decades. This is one of four (I think it’s four) “mirrored” photo sessions with Mom since 2011. There’s another one here: Mirror mirror on the wall.

      This one, which I find DEEPLY symbolic and incredibly haunting, is one in a series I took on November 11, 2012, five days before mom was placed in the nursing home.

      It was taken in the downstairs hallway at Mom’s house. It’s mid-evening and we are in the hall looking into a mirror made from an old pine window with 12 panes in it. There’s a staircase behind us.

      Behind bars 1 November 11, 2012

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