92-year-old Dorothy flies over the rainbow


The Ellis family in Kansas made their 92-year-old mother Dorothy’s dream come true just weeks before she died in 2012.

She flew.

I want to help others who live with dementia as much live their lives to the fullest no matter how long or short their lives may be.

That may mean something as simple as standing up, taking a few steps, spending time with friends, being able to lift a spoon to your mouth on your own, sharing a smile, whatever it may be – it doesn’t matter if it’s remembered or not, what matters is that it’s experienced in the moment and that it brings joy and happiness. That is flying.

In the YouTube blurb that goes with the vid granddaughter Holly Ellis Spiegel says:

“About 6 weeks before she died, my grandma surprised us with a wish: to fly over her Kansas home in one of the powered parachutes she’d seen in the sky. With help from her hospice nurse, my mom Heather Ellis made it happen. My uncle, Tom Ellis, was there with his camera to capture the moment.”

I began to cry when the music started and pretty much wept the whole way through…

Don’t die before you’re dead. Fly instead!

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